How To Protect Yourself From COVID

COVID-19 has completely changed modern society in many different ways. On a societal level, people are hard at work finding ways to secure economic and political growth while establishing the necessary precautions to keep people safe. At an individual level, people are learning how to navigate new regulations while dealing with the ramifications of mandated lockdowns and working from home. At the top of everyone’s priority should be how to keep themselves and their family’s safe during these uncertain times. Since the beginning stages of the virus, scientists all over the world have been studying ways to keep the public safe. The majority of findings have shown that those who take the proper precautions are more likely to keep themselves and their families safe. Here are three ways you reduce your chances of contracting the coronavirus.

Wear a Mask 

Wearing medical grade masks has been proven to greatly reduce your chances of catching and spreading the coronavirus. The CDC and most public health channels recommend that you wear a mask anytime you are around people that are not in your immediate family. This includes trips to the grocery store, as well any interactions that you have with people outside of your immediate household. The reason for this recommendation is that the coronavirus spreads through the airborne droplets when people talk, cough, or sneeze.

Maintain Social Distancing 

Keeping your distance from other people is another important way that you can protect yourself from contracting COVID-19. As we mentioned earlier, most cases of the coronavirus were found to be spread from person to person through respiratory droplets. The CDC recommends keeping at least six feet of distance between yourself and people that you come into contact with.

OptFor Online 

Reducing your exposure to other people in person is the most fundamental way you can protect yourself from the virus. Most grocery stores have recently implemented grocery pickup and online grocery shopping options. Opt for these when you can so that you save yourself from unnecessary physical interactions.