How to Lower Blood Sugar Levels – Tips For Diabetics to Fight Blood Glucose Levels Without Insulin

Diabetes occurs when the gland behind the stomach, known as the pancreas does not generate enough insulin, an essential hormone that is responsible for carrying sugar from the blood to the cells. Once the sugar is inside the cells, the sugar is then converted into energy for further use.

Natural Ways to Lower Blood Sugar Levels

In the US alone, there is almost 12 to 14 percent of the adults who are already diabetic and almost as close as 35 percent who are at a high risk of being infected by this disease.

All these data were found out according to the analysis done in 2012 -almost 8 years ago which means by now the rate of diabetic patients has increased at a substantial rate.

Here are some ways that can be adapted to control the blood sugar levels naturally.

1. Exercise regularly – Regular exercise not just reduces weight and increases metabolism but it also works towards regulating the amount o sugar entering the bloodstream. Excercise involves all forms of exercises including walking, jogging, stretching, etc, You can put on soles into your shoes like Dr. Ho’s Circulation Promoter (dr ho’s circulation promoter) that you can stand and work on if your legs are stiff/numb and you can not move them properly and also if you are experiencing acute leg pain that is uncurable using other ways due to a bad sprain after the exercise. If you have regular blood sugar problems then make sure to check the blood sugar levels regularly. This is how you will understand how to cope up with different activities or food intake and at the same time learn how to not let your blood sugar levels fluctuate at the same time.

2. Have fewer carbohydrates – The body breaks down the carbohydrates into sugar and then gradually the insulin moves the sugars into the cells. Also when you have too many carbohydrates in your body or the insulin does not travel along properly, this then raises the amount of blood glucose in the body

3. Have high fiber food – The function of fiber in the body is to slow down the digestion of the carbohydrates and sugar absorption. Having a high fiber content food helps control type 1 diabetes by improving blood sugar controls. The food contains fiber content includes vegetables, fruits, and whole grains. Women must take almost 25g of fiber per day while men have to consume 38 g of fiber content to stay active. And avoid the risks of contracting diabetes.


Apart from all, there are several other ways of controlling blood sugar levels including the amount of food intake per meal, staying hydrated, having fenugreek seeds and of course losing weight. Therefore make sure you implement if not all some of the major ones so that if you are contracted with diabetes you can keep your sugar levels to normal. If you are still not affected by diabetes, then follow these methods and do not allow your sugar levels to fluctuate.