Helpful Tips to Maintain Your Ribbon Mixer For Health

Industrial blenders, when cared for and maintained, can last for several decades. However, without proper maintenance, they may wear out sooner than they should. By setting aside time to engage in regular maintenance, you can save thousands of dollars.

If you want to ensure your ribbon mixer is properly maintained, keep the tips and information found below in mind.

Check for Proper Lubrication

Checking the lubricant levels regularly and making sure the moving parts in the mixer are well lubricated can extend your machine’s life for many years. This is a crucial tip and something you cannot ignore when it comes to ribbon mixer maintenance.

Some mixer parts, like the drive components, make up a large part of the cost of the mixer. If you must replace these, it will cost almost as much as an all-new mixer.

Keep the Seal In-Tact

The mixer and agitator seals will keep the substances inside the mixer while protecting the shaft’s movement. If the seal is damaged, everything inside may escape, or the shaft alignment may shift. There are several mixer seals options, and the proper maintenance will depend on what type of seal is used on your machine.

Monitor Drive System Tension

A ribbon mixer’s drive system is one of the most valuable components. Making sure the chain-and-sprocket mechanism, belt, and reducer is lubricated properly is essential maintenance that you cannot ignore. If the chain or belt becomes loose, it may cause sprocket damage or burn the belt.

Ensuring proper maintenance for a ribbon mixer will help ensure the device works for many years without issues. If necessary, engage the professionals to help with this, as they can ensure the necessary maintenance is provided regularly, which is essential for ongoing efficient operation. Being informed is essential to keep your machine working properly.