Get Rid Of The Adipose Tissue On Some Unusual Areas

Excess fat can be disturbing, and for many years, people are dealing with it. For some body parts, this tissue manages to persist even after a good diet and regular exercises, except if the cause of excess fat is obesity. These body areas which are very hard to deal by yourself are the area underneath the chin and men breasts.

Gynecomastia treatment

The appearance of enlarged men breasts is called gynecomastia. This condition is quite common in men and it usually originates from the unbalanced hormones. One of the functions of estrogen hormone in men is to control the size of the breasts. When this hormone gets higher, the men breasts become larger, and they can look very similar to woman’s breasts.

Gynecomastia treatment will give you the look you had before

These hormone changes are normal in teenage years and older age, as in those periods hormones naturally vary. Sometimes, gynecomastia can be a result of the weight gaining, but it can also be a symptom of some health issues which you should check with your doctor. If the tests are good, you can try hormone therapy, and there is another option for good and fast results, that is gynecomastia procedure.

This gynecomastia treatment in Melbourne according to Chelsea Cosmetics Melbourne is the most effective option when it comes to this condition. This is a surgical procedure, which involves anesthetics, and a few incisions depending on the size of your breasts. The surgeon will, by liposuction, take out the excess fat from your breasts, and the results will be visible right after the procedure.

You will need some time to recover, and that is usually around two weeks. During that period, you should do light activities and don’t carry anything heavy.

Double chin procedure

A double chin can appear due to weight gaining, and due to genetics. Whichever is the case, double chin procedure can help. It includes injections with the specific acid which are known as Kybella injections. This acid is specially designed to dissolve the fat cells, which will give your face a newnice looking shape.

With double chin injections, your double chin will disappear

This very effective double chin removal Melbourne according to Chelsea Cosmetics Melbourne will give some results right after the treatment, but the final results will be after a few months. In this period, the fat tissue will be in the process of dissolving and the metabolism needs that time to absorb it. Usually, for good results, it is necessary to have two procedures and sometimes three.

You will experience swelling, but that will go down after a few days, and the first quite noticeable results will be after six weeks. Your new face shape should last in the long run, but gaining weight can bring back double chin again.

Final word

Save some time with these procedures, as you will get desirable results right away. With some recovery time, these permanent solutions will make you feel satisfied and confident.