Freeze Your Stubborn Fat in Terms of Health

Stubborn fat that will not leave your body even after successful dieting and exercise has now met its match. The official name for the procedure is cryolipolysis, but you may have heard it mentioned by its more common name: CoolSculpting.

What is it?

With CoolSculpting, the client relaxes while technicians run a device over the areas of desired fat loss. The device cools the unwanted fat cells to between 39 and 41 degrees. This causes the fat to take on a crystalized shape. Becoming crystalline would not necessarily cause the cells to leave the body on their own.

However, next, the body’s own immune system takes over. It sees these new crystals as invaders and starts eliminating them. This process can take over a week, so a bit of patience is required after the procedure.

Where Can You Get It?

CoolSculpting is practiced at medical spas like CoolSculpting Virginia Beach. As with everything, make sure you read reviews and visit first to see if you will be comfortable at the spa closest to you.

Why Would You Want It?

CoolSculpting is not intended for weight loss. It should be considered the finishing touch to a successful weight loss or exercise journey. CoolSculpting is meant to remove those last areas of fat that don’t budge no matter what. It is a non-invasive alternative to risky methods such as liposuction and requires no downtime.

How Was it Discovered?

Amusingly, children sucking on popsicles spurred the science of cryolipolysis. Scientists discovered by observing the inside of the children’s’ cheeks, that fat cells seemed more sensitive to cold than other types of cells and that there were fewer fat cells inside the cheeks where the popsicles had rested.

If you have done your best to get to your desired weight and shape, but some fat areas are lingering, consider CoolSculpting.