Finding a personal injury attorney in Philadelphia: Things to check

If you ever end up in an accident in Philadelphia because of someone’s negligence or fault, you should consider consulting an attorney at the earliest. There are several examples of personal injury lawsuits – injuries at work, auto accidents, construction accidents, defective product-related injuries, and medical malpractice. No matter your circumstances, you are likely to benefit from working with an attorney. With numerous Philadelphia, PA personal injury attorneys around, how do you choose one? We have enlisted a few details worth considering. 

  1. Experience. Winning personal injury and wrongful death lawsuits requires experience and expertise. Consider finding an attorney who specializes in different types of personal injury cases. You can also consider law firms based on the number of attorneys working with them. A team of experienced attorneys with years of collective experience is your best bet. You can ask for references. 
  2. Reputation. If an attorney has been around for years or claims to have tremendous experience, they will have enough credibility in the field. Ensure that the lawyer has good reviews online. You can consider the recent professional achievements of the attorney and independent testimonials posted by other clients on Google. The idea is to consider if a lawyer is reliable in the first place. 
  3. Success. The true measure of a personal injury attorney’s success is their work profile. What are some of the top cases and settlements they have won so far? How often do they go to court for personal injury cases? What are some of their landmark cases? These are some of the basic questions you need to ask before selecting a lawyer. 
  4. Fee. The good news is most lawyers in PA work on a contingency fee for personal injury cases. If you don’t make a recovery, you don’t have to pay the attorney. This is known as the contingency fee arrangement. The lawyer will ask for a fixed percentage of the settlement you win, ranging from 25% to 40%. 
  5. Comfort. Like you would want to feel comfortable around a therapist, the same is true for lawyers. You should hire an attorney only when they offer enough personal attention and confidence. You should feel comfortable talking about the facts of the case, even when you have a share in the fault. 

Also, don’t delay calling an attorney after the accident. For most personal injury cases, there is a deadline of two years to file a lawsuit against the at-fault party in Pennsylvania.