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The term “sciatica” defines a more or less intense pain that travels along the sciatic nerve and its branches, or at the level of the back, legs and buttocks . One speaks correctly of sciatica to indicate inflammation of the same nerve.

There are numerous variants of sciatica, distinguished by the causal agent. All forms of sciatica are joined by pain, the intensity of which depends on the cause. The origin of sciatica is mainly linked to: herniated discs, incorrect posture for a long time, narrowing of the foraminal and spinal canal, sedentariness, spondylolisthesis , spinal tumors and piriformis syndrome. Some factors predisposing to sciatica have been identified. The CBD Suppositories really get the best solutions there.

These include: arthritis, diabetes, advanced age, pregnancy, infections of the spine, osteoporosis and trauma to the legs.

The published material is intended to allow quick access to general advice, suggestions and remedies that doctors and textbooks are used to dispense for the treatment of Sciatica; these indications must in no way replace the opinion of the attending physician or other health specialists in the sector who are treating the patient.

What to do

  • Avoid all situations that could exacerbate or trigger an inflammation of the sciatic nerve
  • Taking pain medication and anti-inflammatory drugs is one of the most effective remedies for relieving sciatic pain
  • To relieve trauma-related sciatica, it is recommended to perform cold compresses at the painful point. Cryotherapy is particularly indicated to create a sort of analgesia on the site affected by the pain
  • After 2-3 days from the onset of symptoms, replace cold packs with hot packs. In some cases, the alternation of hot and cold can give more relief
  • Always assume and maintain a correct posture. This remedy can relieve or prevent sciatica-induced pain
  • Undergo physiotherapy massages aimed at alleviating pain affecting the sciatic nerve
  • Perform specific exercises regularly to relieve sciatic pain. It is recommended to practice gymnastics daily and slowly, avoiding fast movements and sudden jerks that could exacerbate the problem
  • Prefer physical activity such as an exercise bike. As soon as the symptoms improve, it is recommended to focus on aerobics associated with targeted stretching exercises
  • Avoid, as far as possible, cold and air currents
  • Follow a low-calorie diet in the case of obesity and overweight , possible factors triggering sciatica
  • If sciatic pain persists even after drug therapy and physiotherapy, it is advisable to request a neurologist’s consultation
  • Follow a targeted rehabilitation therapy aimed at correcting posture, supporting the back and improving the flexibility of the spine

Stretch the piriformis muscle

Excessive rest: even prolonged rest does not help sciatic pain. An excess of rest favors the rigidity of the joints and muscles , already weakened in themselves. Rather, take a restful position for 30 minutes; after which we recommend a walk or a light physiotherapy exercise, specific for sciatica

Apply the ice directly on the skin of the leg / buttock: this attitude could create cold burns. Instead, it is preferable to apply an ice bag wrapped around a cotton cloth over the area