Different Types of Spas to Cosinder

If you’re planning to use the weekend or your time off to attend a spa and give yourself some tender loving care, there are a few options available to you. Some spas are purely for relaxation purposes and lapsed in luxury, while others offer medical treatments or wellness classes. Here are a few types of spas to consider.

Day Spas

For days when you only have an afternoon to spare but want to get pampered, day spas are a great option and usually have reasonable prices. The most popular service day spas offer is massages, and they usually also offer facials and other treatments like body scrubs or body wraps. Depending on the spa itself and the location, it also may offer nail treatments like manicures or cosmetology services like hair styling or makeup.

Medical Spas

If you have a specific treatment in mind or a specific cosmetic concern, then a medical spa might be right for you. Spas like Desire Riviera Maya Resort offer some typical day spa services in addition to cosmetic medical treatments that are overseen by a licensed physician. These spas are more tranquil than a dermatologist’s office and offer services for things like acne, aging or hair removal. These treatments include laser hair removal, chemical peels, cellulite or vein treatments, Botox and many others, depending on the spa.

Hotel Spas

Hotel or resort spas are best if you’re looking for a total-relaxation experience and want to get away for a weekend or more. These are the types of spas that go above and beyond to make sure you’re relaxed, even providing you with a robe upon checking in. Some resort spas mostly offer typical spa treatments, while others also offer wellness classes like yoga and may even require that you spend a certain number of days there. The most lavish hotel spas are located in beautiful destinations.

Whenever you’re able to get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, it’s nice to relax by visiting a spa. Check out one of these options the next time you want to treat yourself.