Different Types of Facial Warts – Know How You Can Remove Them

Warts are one of the common skin conditions that occur over various body parts, such as face and others. This disease is caused due to the strains of HPV (human papillomavirus). Warts are not itchy and painful, and they occur over the skin as rough particles. They look smaller and difficult to detect. Warts can transmit from one person to the other as they are contagious.

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Causes for warts

In most cases, HPV spreads through sexual contact. So, people with warts can spread it by skin-to-skin contact means you can develop warts by touching a wart on an infected person’s body. Warts can also spread from one body part to the other. If left untreated, they spread to all your body parts and affect your appearance. So, choose the best aesthetic medical service that provides 去疣 treatment to clear out warts.

Different kinds of warts

The following are a few kinds of warts that develop over the face. They include:

Common warts

These warts are larger about 5mm-10mm and develop on different body parts, including the face. They are rough and rough with an uneven surface that shows black spots formed due to blood vessels’ microfilament occlusion.

Flat warts

They are small in size and develop near cuts or scratches of common areas like the face, legs, and neck. Generally, they are skin or brown in color, smooth, and about 1mm to 7mm. Flat warts infect the normal skin and develop nearly a hundred over the face, which affects the facial appearance.

Treatment for warts

Although warts won’t affect the quality of life, still it’s ideal to consult a professional doctor before they spread all over the face and affect your appearance. Here are a few treatment methods that can help to clear out warts successfully. Let us know about them in detail:


In this treatment, your doctor will spray the low-temperature liquid nitrogen over warts. By this, the infected cells of the skin will freeze and the wart will fall off. It is ideal for all sizes of warts. During the procedure, you may experience a stinging or itchy sensation. However, it leaves blisters or sports over the skin and you have to undergo multiple treatment sessions.

CO2 laser treatment

In this procedure, laser heat of 10600nm wavelength is applied to burn the infected tissues. There are fewer chances of having scars. Also, you need to undergo fewer treatment sessions.


The infected region is cauterized by using electricity and cured. It is the right option for large warts, and the procedure may leave scars.


During surgery, local anesthesia is given to the patient to remove warts. It leaves scars and good option for larger warts.

Many medical services offer the latest 皮膚疣 treatment methods. From those, choose the best one to clear out your warts and attain clear skin.