Dental Care

Dentists Who Don’t Bite

Holding still while a stranger puts their hands in your mouth can be an overwhelming experience for little ones. However, avoiding regular dental check-ups and cleanings could spell disaster for children as they mature. The great news is that there are trained professionals who know just how to approach your child in a kind and gentle way and put them at ease while they have their teeth polished and examined. Now that will likely put a smile on your face! Taking your child to a family dentist in Newport News just might be your ticket to dental and parental success. 

Little Teeth That Sparkle

When healthy dental habits are established early on, kids are likely to continue those good practices for the rest of their lives. It could be difficult to put a price on a healthy smile when it comes to your child’s future. Having a healthy smile can really make a positive impact when your kids are facing friends, teachers, and even future employers. As a parent, finding a dentist who can help a child feel comfortable and even excited about taking good care of their teeth can really boost your efforts to teach your children healthy dental habits, which can likely bolster your child’s success in other areas of life.

Smiles for the Win

What does a visit to the pediatric dentist look like? Think about the things that kids need and  often enjoy. A slow and gentle approach, with clear explanations of what is about to happen, can be part of that picture. Movies to watch, toys, bright colors and an open and light environment can also play a role in helping children feel calm. 

Dental Professionals That Do More

Kids and adults are different from each other, so it would make sense to give different attention to each age group. A dental practice built around the needs of a child is much more likely to help children accept proper dental care at visits to the office, and adopt healthy habits to last a lifetime.