Cosmetic Dentistry in Turkey

cosmetic dentistry arlington heights il has been through an expansive stage of advancement ever since its introduction to mankind. People try their level best to make their looks more appealing and attractive, and for which they have started opting for veneers Turkey cosmetic dental treatment. Many can afford this option to save their best smiles.

Read up till the end to understand about veneers Turkey dental process. People normally mistake this treatment with dental crowns. However, dental veneers and dental crowns are entirely two different processes. You will need to check with your dentist whether or not your teeth require a veneer or are veneers a better option for your teeth.  

Explanation of Dental Veneer

In veneers Turkey dental cosmetology, a portion of your teeth’s enamel is taken to make a mimic of your teeth, called laminates, that later is used as a covering to the damaged teeth. However, this covering doesn’t cover the entire tooth; it covers only the front portion of your tooth as a display shield. Veneers are of good use to the people who have seriously yellow teeth and need to go for a white teeth smile. 

These veneers resemble fake nails that can last for a next-to-permanent time. Just like how the fake nails are pasted on your natural nails to make them look longer and stylish, these veneers too are pasted on your teeth to give you a more natural white smile. A veneer doesn’t cover a tooth entirely. It is only pasted to the front side of the tooth and hence falls under cosmetic dentistry. 

Why Do I Need A Dental Veneer?  

Veneers Turkey dental treatment is required:

  • To bring back the shape of misaligned teeth
  • To give protection to damaged enamel from any further decay or erosion
  • To close dental gaps
  • To straighten the warped teeth
  • To uniformly align the misaligned teeth
  • To give a normal touch to the shapeless teeth
  • To improve your smile and the teeth brightness
  • To shield up chipped or damaged teeth
  • To address the issues of discoloration of the teeth

It is always advisable to check with your dentist if this option deems fit for your teeth.

Advantages of Dental Veneers

Please go through the advantages of dental veneers:

  • The visual appearance of your teeth gets beautifully enhanced. 
  • This process is a next-to-permanent solution to give your damaged teeth a more natural look and preserve your smile. 
  • Veneers Turkey treatment is comparatively affordable than dental crowning. 
  • You can select the most natural color of the veneers to resemble the color of your natural teeth without making any noticeable difference.
  • There’s zero risk to the health of your gums while opting for veneers. 

Veneers mimic the real enamel color so well that your smile and the color of your teeth both look so remarkably natural.  

Disadvantages of Dental Veneers

Any medical procedure has its one set of limitations. Similarly, dental veneers do have its set of disadvantages as follows: 

  • Veneers can dislodge from your natural teeth.
  • To apply veneer, the dentist removes a part of your tooth enamel that sustains tooth sensitivity while eating hot or cold stuff, and also due to weather conditions.
  • Due to its fragile nature, veneers made of porcelain can chip or crack due to exerting heavy pressure while eating or regular teeth grinding. 
  • Veneers are susceptible to decay too. However, the decay is not as same as the enamel’s.
  • Once the bonding of the veneer with your natural tooth is done, it becomes irreversible. You cannot remove a veneer once it is fixed on to the tooth.
  • The wrong or incorrect selection of the color of veneer will be highly regretted later. You need to be extremely careful while choosing the right color match with your dentist for the veneer. 

The Cost of the Process 

Veneers Turkey dental treatment’s cost depends on many factors stated as following:

  • The total number of veneers you are planning to go for.
  • Your geographical location – such as your country, state or city – where you reside.
  • Although this treatment is expensive in the United States, where a single porcelain veneer bonding costs $2000 or more, people normally rush to Turkey to get this treatment done by some of the brilliant dental cosmetologists. 
  • The cost does not fall under any Insurance Policy because it falls under cosmetic dental treatment.
  • The cost invariably relates to the complex nature of the entire process. Higher the complexity greater will be the cost and vice versa.

People do not feel exerted to pay off the dental veneer bills because the outcome of the procedure is worth every cent spent. The overall cost, including your travel to Turkey, falls much lower when compared to the one in the North America or other developed countries. This doesn’t mean that Turkey offers poor standards of patient care. The dentists in some parts are brilliant and all you need to do is first find a suitable affordable dentist before you pack your bags for Turkey.