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How marijuana steals your manhood


Yes. Marijuana could be sabotaging your manhood. Cannabis is gaining more attention in the media and medical journals along with its legalization. Many people are touting its benefits from pain relief, anti-inflammatory and cancer fighting. But marijuana can be a major cause of Erectile Dysfunction (ED). A study in The Journal of Sexual Medicine found…

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Will prostate cancer kill you?

Long Story Short: Most men diagnosed with Prostate Cancer will not die from Prostate Cancer. Heart disease is more likely to be a cause of death in men. Smart Nutrition, Lifestyle, Exercise, Stress, Supplementation is the best way to prevent prostate cancer Men, worried that prostate cancer (CaP) will kill you? A new study shows…

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Help men…Through their women.

Long Story Short Men ignore their health 48% of men will discuss their health with their spouse before their doctor. Only 5% of men will discuss their bedroom issues with their male friends 60% of men won’t visit their doctor for a serious health issue Silver Lining! 19% of men will go to the doctor to stop…

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Antibacterial Soaps – Making men less… Manly.

Long Story Short: Antibacterial soaps (Triclosan) don’t work. Antibacterial soaps are not benign. Antibacterial soaps may impact your hormones. Triclosan may impact women and their unborn children. I still can’t help my friend with her men acting womanly issue.   A few weeks ago a good med school friend was ranting to me about how men today seem…

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