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Male Infertility? Are we on our way towards extinction?!


My Nonna (Grandma in Italian) once told me, ‘Oggi, non fanno gli uomini come prima’. Translation: “Today they don’t make men like before”. Well, she called it, because with recent news of male fertility rates dropping, apparently something is happening to our men. A very well designed study recently found a steady and significant decline…

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How marijuana steals your manhood


Yes. Marijuana could be sabotaging your manhood. Cannabis is gaining more attention in the media and medical journals along with its legalization. Many people are touting its benefits from pain relief, anti-inflammatory and cancer fighting. But marijuana can be a major cause of Erectile Dysfunction (ED). A study in The Journal of Sexual Medicine found…

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Male Infertility – Guys, it might be you.

Long Story Short: Up to 50% of infertility cases are due to a male factor   [1] Up to 30% of infertility cases are solely due to a male factor [1] 9.4% of American men between 14-60 years-old  are infertile [1], that’s almost 11 MILLION men It’s not just physical but can be nutritional, hormonal, social, stress and…

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