Personalized & Precise genetic approach to Prostate Cancer

Long Story Short BRCA 1/2 and ATM genetic mutations increase the risk for aggressive prostate cancer (CaP) We don’t have a great way are detecting aggressive CaP These mutations can be easily assessed with Opus23 (using your 23andMe info)   Personalized and Precise Medicine, that’s how I work. And now we can make prostate cancer…

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BRCA – What does it mean for men?

A few years back we heard about Angelina Jolie and her double breast mastectomy because she found out, as I hear most people say it, BRCA. As if BRCA is it’s own disease. First a little spring cleaning to clarify (since its the season). What is BRCA?  BRCA stands for BReast CAncer susceptibility gene. I…

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Know Thy Poop

Today was Day 2 at the AFMCP (Applying Functional Medicine in Clinical Practice) in Phoenix, AZ. We were treated today by Doctors Data and Genova Labs to use one of their stool analysis tests, (Sadly, I can’t use it on myself 😕 ) but one lucky person will know thy poop. This test will give me a very…

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