Men’s health


Med School Biochem 101: Cholesterol is necessary to make hormones like testosterone, DHT, DHEA, Estrogen, Progesterone to just name a few. We have become infatuated in the past few decades of fearing cholesterol and fats. In fact, the thought that lowering LDL (Lousy Cholesterol) protects against heart disease is being questioned. A Systemic Review and…

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Peyronie’s: ‘Does this look normal Doc?’


Did you know there is a correlation between autoimmune disease, plantar fasciitis and Peyronie’s disease? There are a few things men don’t like to discuss, and one of them certainly is about whats going on below the belt. And I get it, its a touchy topic, you don’t want other people to think you’ve got…

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Male Infertility? Are we on our way towards extinction?!


My Nonna (Grandma in Italian) once told me, ‘Oggi, non fanno gli uomini come prima’. Translation: “Today they don’t make men like before”. Well, she called it, because with recent news of male fertility rates dropping, apparently something is happening to our men. A very well designed study recently found a steady and significant decline…

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How marijuana steals your manhood


Yes. Marijuana could be sabotaging your manhood. Cannabis is gaining more attention in the media and medical journals along with its legalization. Many people are touting its benefits from pain relief, anti-inflammatory and cancer fighting. But marijuana can be a major cause of Erectile Dysfunction (ED). A study in The Journal of Sexual Medicine found…

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Answer this right and you may have high Testosterone.


A bat and a ball costs $1.10 in total. The back cost $1.00 more than the ball. How much does the ball cost? If you said 10 cents, you’re wrong AND you might have higher Testosterone levels. The correct answer is 5 cents. A recent study found that men given Testosterone were more impulsive and confident…

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It's all connected – Thyroid, Prostate, Testosterone and Vitamin A.

It’s all connected! Thyroid hormone, Testosterone, Prostate Cancer and Vitamin A. Long Story Short: BCO, the enzyme that makes vitamin A from B-carotene, may also be responsible for making Testosterone. Thyroid hormone controls BCO. Hypothyroid > Slow BCO > Low T > Poor prostate health/Low Libido/Decreased lean muscle A study testing mice found that when…

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Will prostate cancer kill you?

Long Story Short: Most men diagnosed with Prostate Cancer will not die from Prostate Cancer. Heart disease is more likely to be a cause of death in men. Smart Nutrition, Lifestyle, Exercise, Stress, Supplementation is the best way to prevent prostate cancer Men, worried that prostate cancer (CaP) will kill you? A new study shows…

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Low sex drive? How sunlight helps


Long Story Short Men with low sex drive exposed to UV light had improved sex drive and testosterone. Testosterone levels decrease during the winter months and increase during summer UV light therapy does not mean tanning bed! What if I told you that sitting in front of UV light could increase your testosterone and improve your…

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Help men…Through their women.

Long Story Short Men ignore their health 48% of men will discuss their health with their spouse before their doctor. Only 5% of men will discuss their bedroom issues with their male friends 60% of men won’t visit their doctor for a serious health issue Silver Lining! 19% of men will go to the doctor to stop…

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Male birth control: Men would you try it?

Long Story Short Vasalgel is a Long Acting Reversible Contraceptive for men. A gel is injected into the vas deference blocking sperm from being released. No human trials yet No hormones involved So far, no adverse effects in rabbit trials Its reversible! Here we go, another attempt at male birth control A few weeks ago I…

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