Peyronie’s: ‘Does this look normal Doc?’


Did you know there is a correlation between autoimmune disease, plantar fasciitis and Peyronie’s disease? There are a few things men don’t like to discuss, and one of them certainly is about whats going on below the belt. And I get it, its a touchy topic, you don’t want other people to think you’ve got…

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Italian style espresso fights Prostate cancer.


3 Espresso a day fights prostate cancer! 🇮🇹☕️☕️☕️ A great new article in Just a few days ago, a study published in the International Journal of Cancer revealed Italian men who drink 3 or more espresso daily have a 53% lower risk of prostate cancer compared to those who drank only 2 espresso. The…

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Will prostate cancer kill you?

Long Story Short: Most men diagnosed with Prostate Cancer will not die from Prostate Cancer. Heart disease is more likely to be a cause of death in men. Smart Nutrition, Lifestyle, Exercise, Stress, Supplementation is the best way to prevent prostate cancer Men, worried that prostate cancer (CaP) will kill you? A new study shows…

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Movember- Not just about mustaches: Stop men from dying too young

Long Story Short Movember is about: Prostate Cancer Testicular Cancer Mental Health Physical activity Men’s health is beyond physical, it’s mental and emotional. Its all connected. Being a men’s health expert means knowing more than just the physical issues but the mental and emotional It’s not all about men. Women too are key in keeping…

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Saturated fats – Are they dangerous for prostate cancer?

Long Story Short Retrospective study of 1854 male patients between 40-79 with a diagnosis of prostate cancer [1] A high saturated fat diet was associated with increased aggressive prostate cancer (CaP). Polyunsaturated Fatty Acids (PUFA) was inversely associated with CaP aggressiveness (*statistically insignificant). Those with more aggressive CaP ate more calories, more fat and more…

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