All about Teeth Whitening in Singapore

Teeth whitening is a process where the natural colour of the teeth is lightened without removing any of the tooth surfaces. It can change the shade of the teeth colour within a few sessions. A regular professional tooth whitening treatment involves professional bleaching.

1. How much does teeth whitening cost in Singapore?

There are two different types of treatments for teeth whitening in Singapore. The cost is for private dental clinics in Singapore as Polyclinics do not provide any teeth whitening services. The first treatment method would be in-office teeth whitening where the dentist would rub whitening gel over your teeth and activate it with light. This process would cost around $1,000. The other treatment method would be a take-home tooth whitening kit. The kit would cost around $400.

2. Can Teeth whitening gives a permanent result?

The result of teeth whitening is not permanent.The majority of people in the world do not have naturally white teeth due to the fact that stained teeth can come from drink caffeinated beverages. Drinking tea, coffee, having bad dental hygiene and even smoking can cause your teeth stains to come back. Therefore, it is important to maintain good dental hygiene and drink less caffeinated beverages. If you still want to drink caffeinated beverages, you can use a straw to minimise contact with the teeth.

3. Can teeth whitening ruin your teeth?

Teeth whitening with a dental professional is a safe process and it will not ruin your teeth. However, there are temporary side effects like sensitivity or irritations. There is no need to worry as these effects will not last long. If you use teeth whitening products or at-home treatments that are not recommended by professionals there might be some risk. It includes enamel loss, tooth sensitivity, irritation to the gum, and more. Therefore, it is important to get your teeth whitened professionally.

4. Is it worth it to get your teeth professionally whitened?

Professional teeth whiteners are safe and effective, especially when done under the supervision of a dental professional. There are many risks involve if you try a home treatment that is not backed up by dental professionals. Therefore, if you ever want to get your teeth whitened, it is worth the extra cost to visit a professional to get safe and effective results.

5. Can yellow teeth be whitened?

Whitening yellow teeth would require treatment over a period of time. For whitening products, it would require daily effort over months whereas professional in-office treatment would take a shorter time. The yellower the teeth, the longer it would take for it to reach the desired stage of whiteness. Therefore, it is important to be strict with the teeth whitening routine to achieve the results you want.

6. Does whitening strips work?

Yes, certain whitening strips do work. Whitening strips can make your teeth look whiter because of a layer of gel that is spread on the surface of your teeth. The substance in the gel contains hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide which penetrates the tooth enamel to remove any stains. However, whitening strips might not work as well as professional teeth whitening as it might be hard to get into the crevices of each tooth. Overall, you should use whitening strips with caution as there are risks involved.