A Beginner’s Guide In Choosing The Best Eyelash Extensions

Have you ever seen women walk around with long, dark, curly lashes and wish you also had them? Well, you’ve got to be lucky as here is an ultimate guide for a beginner in choosing the best eyelash extension. Maybe you’ve seen photos of your friends on social media, flaunting, and flexing their new lash extensions and wondered what it was like to have them too. There are different types of lash extensions; all vary in various styles and lengths. Don’t confuse lash extensions with the ones you can purchase that come with an adhesive. Lash extensions are usually applied in a semi-permanent adhesive by a professional lash stylist at a salon. It can also be used to your lashes individually or in clusters; it all depends on customization and your preference. Know somepoints you need to take note of when choosing the best lash extension perfect for you, your lifestyle and natural lash shape, and condition.

  1. Factors To Consider

There are many different eye shapes like the shape of an almond, upturned shape, downturned shape, round, protruding, etc. Your eyes might also be small, large, or just right. These are factors you should consider when choosing a lash extension. Also, monolids and hooded lids are different from other eyelid types. Other factors can be your eye color, the orientation of your eyes, and the qualities of your natural lashes. It’s important to know if you’re allergic to the adhesive and your tolerance for upkeep. After you’ve considered all these, get the best volume lash extensions in Sydney by Fancy Lash and decide between a natural look or a glamorous look.

  1. Choosing From The Different Types Of Eyelash Extension

Besides the factors concerning your eye shape and other characteristics of your eyes, you would also have to consider the type of eyelash extension you want. The types of lashes are categorized into two: human-made materials and animal fur made.

  1. Man-Made Eyelash Extension

Starting from the human-made lash extensions, there’s faux-mink and faux-fox lash extensions; they’re cheaper but can still give you the mink or fox look. Another is silk lash extensions, not made of silk, these lashes are more massive and provide a more glamorous look perfect for a special occasion. Synthetic lash extensions are the most dramatic of them; they’re the heaviest and the least natural-looking lash extensions.

  1. Animal Fur Eyelash Extension

The second category of types of lashes is the animal fur made. There are three types of animal fur: lash extensions, mink lash, sable lash, and fox lash extensions. Mink lash extensions are the most common and most preferred type; it gives the most natural look, is lightweight and fluffy. Sable lashes are more satisfactory and suitable for women with fine natural lashes; its downside is the same as mink lashes; they’re not ideal for people with fur allergy. Fox fur lash extensions are rare; they have a soft reddish tone and are often dyed in an ombré style. Not all salons have fox fur lashes, better check out Fancy Lash – expert eyelash extensions near Double Bay, and ask them if they can make it available for you.

  1. Volume, Length, Curl, AndColor

Volume lash extensions or Russian or XD lash extensions are also popular. Your lash artist will apply 2-6 ultra-lightweight lashes with options of either 2D, 3D, 4D, 5D, or 6D lash. You can also select your desired length. You can either be a J or a C curl; the J is the more natural-looking while the C is more dramatic. Colored lashes can be the new trend, be daring, and try on a new set of lashes colored for your preference.

Final Word

Look for more reviews about salons and lash extensions; you can do your research to find the most suitable type of lash extension for you. Give yourself enough time when you book an appointment for your lash extensions.