5 Housing Options for Senior Citizens Who Can’t Live Alone

Many families are faced with the difficult decision of what to do when their elderly loved ones can no longer live on their own. When the time comes, there are five housing options to choose from for your beloved senior citizen.

Nursing Homes

Nursing homes are still the best option for people who need the highest level of care. They are able to assist with all of the activities of daily living as well as medical needs, often with trained medical staff on duty around the clock.

Assisted Living Residences

For people who are medically stable but still need help with household chores and hygienic care, an assisted living residence like senior foster care Fall River can provide both while maintaining the privacy of separate living spaces. Assisted living provides the additional care that’s needed without the institutional feel.

Retirement Communities

Retirement communities offer meals, landscaping services, and sometimes transportation, but don’t offer personal care. They are a good choice for seniors looking for a place to find companionship and safety in a community with other people while still maintaining their independence.

Active Adult Communities

Many seniors choose to purchase homes within active adult communities because they are specially designed for accessibility to foster independence. The residents there are able to live day to day on their own, but living in close proximity to others helps seniors connect for a sense of true community. Because the residents are still active, there are typically many recreational and social activities offered as well.

Continuing Care Retirement Communities

Even seniors who can still live alone sometimes choose to move to continuing care retirement communities. Residents like that they are able to put down roots knowing they will receive additional services as they age without moving away.

When elderly loved ones can no longer live on their own, families do have options. Choose what’s right based on the care needed and, of course, the place that feels like home.