4 Ways To Make a Great First Impression

When you meet someone, the first few minutes are crucial. Within a short time, you’ll communicate many things about yourself that will either foster connection or create distance. Whether you’re in person or attending a Zoom meeting, this awareness is important. Once you’ve made that first impression, it’s a challenge to change it. Wondering what you can do to cultivate a positive first impression? Read on for a few ideas.

1. Facial Expression

What’s your resting facial expression like? It should be relaxed and open. Too often, especially with the increase in remote work and social isolation, many people’s faces wear a scowl. Counteract this tendency by thinking of something or someone you care for, and cultivate this facial posture. Self-conscious about your smile? Do a search using terms such as professional teeth whitening Massachusetts to find a clinician who can help you.

2. Eye Contact

No, there’s no need to stare! Intermittent eye contact is sufficient to form a friendly bond. Mainly, it’s important for the other person to feel that you’re being attentive to them. If it feels uncomfortable to make direct eye contact, look in the vicinity of the other person’s eyes.

3. Posture

An open, relaxed, gently erect posture communicates confidence and alertness. With posture, the feedback loop goes both ways; you’ll appear more confident, and your body will communicate to your brain that all is well.

4. Speech

Your voice and conversational style say a lot about you. Make a few recordings of your voice, and adjust your pitch and rate of speech so you’re clearly understood. Your level of sincerity will be evident to sensitive ears; be sure you’re speaking with honesty and integrity. Also, listen more than you speak.

Making a great first impression requires self-awareness and other-directedness. Keep these tips in mind as you expand your circle!