4 Various Benefits Of Sublingual Immunotherapy 

Sublingual immunotherapy is a type of treatment that helps build immunity for patients afflicted with chronic allergies and other health problems. Sublingual Immunotherapy in Seattle, WA, can be a great way for patients to treat the various nasal and eye symptoms resulting from severe allergies. Of course, many other treatment methods like allergy avoidance and medications. Still, sublingual immunotherapy has a lot of benefits to offer, so read below to find out what they are. 

Although Seattle is the least challenging city regarding allergens, it will be beneficial for patients who are severely affected to undergo treatment. Sublingual Immunotherapy in Seattle, WA, can help such people do away with these allergies permanently instead of running to the medicine cabinet every time they need a quick fix. However, patients must be aware of the following things before they take part in sublingual immunotherapy:

  1. They must get a blood test to identify what triggers their allergies and get a written prescription from a certified medical professional for the therapy treatment. 
  2. They should be consistent with their medications and not break away from the daily medications. Doing so will reduce its effectiveness, wasting time on the patient’s part. 
  3. To build lasting immunity, they must continue the treatment for 1- 2 years, depending upon the intensity of the allergies. 
  4. Patients who recently had oral surgery or have mouth injuries should not undergo sublingual immunotherapy.

Benefits Of Sublingual Immunotherapy:

  1. They Have Fewer Side Effects When Compared To Alternative Treatments Like Shots: A lot of patients in Seattle have been found to have adverse reactions to allergen shots. With SLIT, there are fewer risks of severe reactions, and compared to the traditional shots, they are significantly less risky and a safer option. Plus, it’s a more comfortable option for those who consider getting a shot agonizingly or have a deep fear of needles—no need to worry about going into anaphylactic shock. 
  2. Lasting Effects: SLIT has been found to have lasting effects even after the treatments are discontinued for more than a year. The effectiveness of SLIT is still being studied, but there is no doubt that patients see results after a few months of treatment. Consistency in the medications will increase the effectiveness of the treatments. 
  3. More Ideal For Children: As they entail fewer risks than other treatments and are a convenient and less painful option, SLIT is better suited for kids as they will easily accept the process without much hassle. 
  4. Ease Of Convenience: Although Seattle residents may have to visit the hospitals regularly for the initial administration of the treatment, the rest can be carried out in the comfort of one’s home. No need to fret about overbooking appointments, keeping to consultations, or wasting time and money on other unnecessary prescriptions. Patients can see the doctor if they experience any discomfort during the process, like side effects or other issues.

Although SLIT is only available for a limited number of allergens, it can still handle some common allergies plaguing the city of Seattle. Plus, patients can take more than one type of medication if they are allergic to a few different types of pollen. Request an appointment, get rid of all the allergies with the help of sublingual therapy, and enjoy a lifetime of peace and relaxation!