4 Facts About Portable Oxygen Concentrators, Health

Portable oxygen concentrators, also known as POCs, are often used for patients who need mobile oxygen therapy due to respiratory issues like lung disease. You can find out more about these devices at portable oxygen San Diego CA. Here is a list of five facts about POCs.

  • Purified Air

POCs extract air from the outside environment and purify it. There is a great deal of nitrogen present in the air. POCs work to compress surrounding air and filter out as much nitrogen as possible so that patients inhale air that is rich in oxygen.

  • Customized Features

Note that POCs can be customized based on the needs of a patient. People dealing with emphysema are going to have a different set of needs than people dealing with bronchitis. One patient may have a POC that is designed to provide him or her with a continuous flow of oxygen while another may have a POC that delivers a pulsated flow of oxygen.

  • Increased Stamina

In addition to addressing respiratory problems, POCs can better a person’s stamina. Upon entering your body, POC-filtered air will fill your blood cells up with oxygen, increasing muscle strength and endurance. You should be able to work your body harder and faster than normal if you use a POC and engage in oxygen therapy.

  • Enhanced Sleep

Many people who have lung-related ailments often struggle to get the proper amount of high-quality sleep each night. This is because their oxygen levels drop significantly as they sleep, resulting in poor sleep patterns. If you cannot get an adequate amount of sleep or are unable to sleep through the night, consider employing a POC; it can help balance the concentration of oxygen in your body so that you can rest well.

POCs have helped many improve their quality of life. These machines have also given those with medical conditions the chance to lead more active lives.