3 Tips for New Hiring Managers Halthy

Stepping into the role of a hiring manager is an exciting step for many employees, especially if this is their first management position. However, even people who have plenty of managerial experience will need to learn and grow in their new role. A hiring manager should understand all the applicable laws, ensure the job descriptions are accurate and easy to understand and ask the right questions during the interview process.

  • Research Applicable Laws

While some hiring laws vary from state to state, others are universal. Among others, it is illegal to discriminate against a candidate due to their age, race, gender, marital status or sexual orientation. Some industries have specific requirements, such as passing a drug test, background test or provide certain credentials. Enlisting the help of employer services Richmond VA can be a good way to ensure candidates pass those preliminary tests before moving forward.

  • Write Clear Job Descriptions

A vague, short or incorrect job description can be confusing or misleading to potential candidates. The perfect person for the job may not apply if the job duties are misrepresented or the salary information is outdated. After writing the job description, ask employees who hold the same or similar positions to look it over and provide feedback.

  • Ask the Right Questions

It can be tricky to remember that some questions are off-limits when getting to know an applicant. When meeting a new acquaintance, it is common to ask if they are married or have children. However, those are not appropriate during a job interview. Interview questions should focus on the candidate’s qualifications and personality type to ensure the best fit.

Hiring the right staff members is a vital component of running a successful company. Bringing someone on board who seemed stellar during the interview process and then turned out to be a poor fit does happen sometimes, but the chances can be reduced if the hiring manager is careful to accurately describe the job and ask the right questions.