Dental Care

3 Questions To Ask Your Dentist at Your Next Checkup

  Visits to the dentist twice a year are an important part of maintaining good oral health. When you leave the appointment, you probably think of all the things you wish you had asked. In order to be better prepared at your next checkup, consider these three questions to ask at your family dentistry Fairfield CT appointment. […]


Different Types of Spas to Cosinder

If you’re planning to use the weekend or your time off to attend a spa and give yourself some tender loving care, there are a few options available to you. Some spas are purely for relaxation purposes and lapsed in luxury, while others offer medical treatments or wellness classes. Here are a few types of […]


4 Lifesaving Techniques

Most people do not have to deal with life-threatening situations on a daily basis. That does not mean that it is not important to know how to help someone who is in danger. CPR People who have stopped breathing or whose heart has stopped can be helped with CPR techniques. Classes are often offered locally […]


Getting to Know the Rehab Options for Drugs and Alcohol

  According to studies related to addiction treatment, these programs have been classified into several modalities or types. The treatment approaches and the individual programs are continuing to diversify and evolve, and some of the drug rehab options available today do not fit neatly into a drug addiction treatment classification. Getting to know the different […]


How To Take Care of Your Teeth After Orthodontic Treatment

Patients hear a lot about dos-and-don’ts during orthodontic treatment, but many are left wondering how to maintain a healthy smile once treatment is complete. Orthodontic treatment is a tool to help patients achieve a healthier, more attractive smile, but good oral hygiene habits span across a lifetime. If you are looking for how to best […]